A mere ray of hope…is still inside.


Hey everyone ..yass I haven’t been posting stuffs since quite a long time as I am quite busy with school work you know its grade 11 and so kinda hectic…

Everything and everyone around the universe are like moving at such a fasstt pace that its even difficult to know what you did a minute before now and its already almost the end of 2016.

With the winter approaching and beginning of the lazy days I kinda got stuck to it as well so yeah here I am make sure to read my previous posts!!

stay high!! ❤ ❤


Inside of me…..

When life plays its roughest game, she sits idle without an exact aim

Hovering around the ruins of the past , she wonders is this how it ends?

Burdens of regrets she is reluctant to admit , strives forward because she knows there’s always a limit.

She faces reality although it feels like a dagger being put into her heart but then that’s how she decides to bottle her fears.

She twirls on the marble floors of the masquerade ball but only she has a mask no more.

Hands ready to rip of any masks around her because she has her guards up now to spill the truth of  deceitful nature of human race.

She fears no more of death and frauds as she wears the armour of a warrior against deception and evil swords…


A narrow insight..

Plumes of smoke raised,

and kept rising until it vanished like her faded hopes.

A lost mind , completely distracted in wonder as to how and when did her life

which was so under spotlight turned to melancholic ashes.

Her tears rolled like spears of regrets down her cheeks,

with agony.

No knowing where to put her next step,

she stood there , silent and still,

as though struck by a lightning.

Life seemed to clench onto her tightly whispering into her ears,

“you got to live… don’t give in……” and so she lived on.



We Are Of Different Colours

Yes we are.No wonder we keep reacting to different kinds of circumstances in differently each time we encounter , well to me that is because we change.We do not want to stay the same or maybe we cannot stay the same throughout our lives.And the changes that occur at times leaves a scar that hurts for eternity or a memory with the sweetest content in the hearts and minds of our ones loved or still loved ones.

And that is why we are all coloured vibrantly ,variously.These colours indicate our understanding , our likings, our acts and sense of humour and cravings.


I thought finally for ones in my life things will go right, like the way its supposed to be.But each time things start making sense and start building ,it trembles and wither off somewhere beyond reach.the moment I think its now or never give my heart and soul and trust with everything I have , the response that I receive is betrayal right through the gaps of my grip … the gaps that weren’t visible all along but comes into vision all when it gets too late . Well I guess I am never supposed to think happy or aim high or have really good expectations from anything or ANYONE.

This time it was like BOOM!! a big blow. Previously things were predictable like I could see it coming before it appears to knock at my door. This time it was like the eruption of a dormant volcano , LOL!, I don’t know exactly what words should I use to describe it.

They say I looked 1)disturbed 2)lost 3)uncomfortable 4)confused 5)They say “I thought you were always jolly”. They are concerned , well are they really?

Will I be able to make it and bring back what ones was mine ? Before its taken..

Will the plans drawn by mind’s imaginary lines be a success?

It will be definitely be long ride though no matter what I have to make it because the one who is going to suffer and regret later will be me again.Is anyone else going through the similar kind of things?


Well I know I hardly post anything , be it random or unusual but to be honest things don’t pop up in my “ex-creative mind” these days like it used to…well I am working on it.

My life is a Xerox of any 17 year old girl , the only thing that misses out is well I don’t get to hang out with friends much and I hardly party , well maybe ones a year or not at all….

My day starts with waking up to see the piercing rays of the sun piercing my eyes through the windows or my older siblings calling out my name S-A-M-I-H-A its 9:30 wake up !! when in reality its just 8:30. And then breakfast , find something interesting or maybe a book for the third time?! And then wandering around thinking what to do next…


My regular choress!


SLEEEPINGGG for agesss well am a sleeping beautyy 😉

Eatingggg chocolatesss yeah I have got a sweet tootth

SURFINGG through net and youtube maniacc hell yeahh !


And well ofcoursee I am hairstylist to my sisters and friendss hoping to open a parlour someday “cross fingered!” :p



The best things happen unexpectedly , it happens when u least expect it to happen but then life isn’t something that waits for your expectations:-)

There’s always a time when to you its like its all over and you want to give up, even when you know there’s more than half of your life span left.Everything and everyone’s against you.There will be innumerable people thinking you aren’t capable of doing anything great,you may face criticism every now and then.. but to be honest even when the whole world around is on your opposing team you got to be strong because even after that there will always be someone .Someone who will be there for you no matter how may times you fail ,no matter how may times you are being criticised or neglected.Trust me when I say there’s someone’s there of course is even that someone isn’t around you but is always there.And be there forever…

HOLLaa  Worldd….

Okay its been really really long since I uploaded any post.Well I have been busy with stuff `yeah some kinda stuff , but I am back now and I will be regular from now on ones again.:)


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